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- Canine Training Group & Canine Equipment Manufacture -

USA Leash is a subsidiary of Team Morris LLC, whose owners are Jim and Vickie Morris. Jim Morris is a former military working dog handler, trainer and instructor with a Special Operations background. His years of experience training canines lead to a strong understanding of the Principles of Conditioning and numerous training techniques Jim developed over the years.

What most novice canine trainers and "certified trainers" who learned dog training online don't understand is that dogs are a lot like humans, they are social creatures. And when it comes to training, what works for one dog, may not work for other dogs just like learning styles in humans. This is the same principle that individual learning styles are based upon when it comes to teaching and training tasks in the workforce.

The equipment we design and manufacturer is for specific tasks and applications. Our equipment is manufactured for the end user.

- Canine Training & Consulting -

Meet Butters, the daughter Jim & Vickie never had. She is one of two testbed canines for testing equipment design. She is a yellow Labrador Retriever that loves water and chasing balls, and is a very strong swimmer.

USA Leash canine training program is not just about training dogs. Time is spent training the dogs' owners so they can reinforce the training the dog receives from us. We also train the owners to train their dogs. Dogs are like children, if you are not conditioning them, they are conditioning you, so training and conditioning is an ongoing and never ending process. You also need to consider your dog as a child with a shallow attention span. Recess is needed during the training sessions. During "recess," training is conducted in more of a playtime atmosphere.

Only tested, proven and humane training techniques are used in the training process. Techniques such as escape and resistance training may sound harsh, but if administered correctly they are not. Praise and reward are why the dogs will work, and also reinforces the proper behavior and task. Many of the techniques we use were developed by animal behaviorist for the Department of Defense while others were developed by Jim and fine-tuned over the years.

Due to injuries Jim sustained while serving in the military, he mainly consults and perform close quarter training. Vickie performs both close quarter and open area training. Training is generally done in spring, summer and fall, while phone consultation takes place year round.

- Canine Equipment & Manufacturing -

Meet Penny, the other daughter Jim & Vickie never had. She is another testbed canine. A chocolate Labrador Retriever, she about a month older than Butters and very active. She is a fast learner and always eager to please. Like Butters she is always ready to romp for the ball and go for a swim in the lake. She has a very high energy level and thrives in the field.

USA Leash products are mainly designed for medium to large breed working dogs, however, custom designed and the manufacture of specialized equipment is available for all breeds. Only the finest Mil Spec (military specification) material is used.

All USA Leash products and equipment are handmade. Nothing is mass produced in another country like most canine equipment is today. The main piece of manufacturing equipment is an industrial strength sewing machine. It's necessary to ensure the tightest and strongest stitching possible on nylon and leather products.

Like our training program, equipment production and manufacturing terminates during the winter months.

- Meet the Trainers -

Jim & Vickie Morris, the owners and primary trainers are dog people. They love all breeds and mixes, but are mostly fond of the retriever breeds. Jim is experienced in training working dog for the United States Government. Vickie is versed in obedience training.

**** Jim Morris (Bio) is an experienced dog trainer and certified by the Department of Defense in the areas of Obedience, Patrol, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection and as a canine handler, trainer and instructor. He was involved in training dogs for the Law Enforcement Assistance program in the '70s and Operation Counterpush, a Federal drug interdiction program that spanned into both Europe and Asia.

His knowledge, ability and experience handling and training canines for the government earned Jim citations, awards and decorations as a working dog handler, trainer and instructor from the Department of Defense. Jim consulted for PetSmart's canine training program from 2000 to 2003.

Jim holds master degrees in both, Special Education and in Workforce Education & Development. These disciplines provide Jim with the knowledge to determine learning style to use in training, because like humans, dogs also have learning styles. Remember, dogs are social creatures like humans and what works for one dog may not work for other dogs.

A disabled veteran, Jim has mobility limitations in the field. He currently provided close quarter training, obstacle course training and consults in the areas of canine training and behavior.

**** Vickie Morris has a knack to acknowledge dogs' needs and feelings, and approaches training from a dog's point of view. She believes training revolves around motivating the dog to want to do, what you want it to do.

With gentle hands, a loving heart, patience and a good attitude is how Vickie gets a dog to want to learn so training session goals are accomplished. She turns training into playtime to accomplish the goals. Her experience combined with her lifelong love of Labradors has earned her the reputation as a well respected trainer.

With degrees in Education and in Exercise Physiology and Health & Wellness, Vickie has an understanding of learning styles when it comes to training and the health aspect of canines in terms of exercise and diet.

A distance runner, Vickie is extremely capable of working the entire training area and obstacle course.

- Costs & Contact Information -
Cost varies depending on training needs. And our prices includes training the owner to train the dog. Like children, if you are not conditioning them they will condition you, that is the principal of conditioning is very important. If you want the training to "stick" it will need to be reenforced long after training is completed.

*** Hands on private training (includes training the dog's owner):
$35 per hour
*** Hands on group training (includes training the dogs' owners): $15 per hour
*** Phone consultation: $10
*** Consultation with law enforcement and government agencies: No Charge

Contact Jim Morris at 920.284.4879 or email